FamShop. Ecommerce solution.

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Do you want to sell through your own mobile application? We deliver your mobile applications on Android and iOS!

Maintain your customer's loyalty with a mobile application. They can place orders within 12 seconds with it. More details here.

Do you need to integrate your actual webshop with ERP to get rid of product and order manual processing? We have the solution!

Products are manipulated manually only in ERP and then are automatically updated in web shop. Orders that are placed in web shop are automatically inserted in ERP.

Do you want auto-generated invoices? We have the solution!

Time is money, let us generate the invoices for you.

We are already integrated with e-commerce platforms like Magento, Prestashop, OpenCart and WooCommerce.

We can integrate with any other system.


Software Architect, creator of FamShop

"The FamShop system was created to optimize ecommerce processes. FamShop communicates with different systems, developing an omnichannel arhitecture."

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Bucharest, Romania

FamShop is a FamDev product.